Please allow me to introduce myself.

Great you found our website, but be aware I’m not a breeder of Goldies.

My 2 boys are available as studdog and picking up (The youngest still in training).

Thornmill Knight (aka Kastaar) born on the 1st of October 2011, and the youngest Thornmill Rowan Rascal on the 1st of July 2018.

Please realize that both Thornmill Knight & Thornmill Rowan Rascal contains field trail champions.

Wondering who is responsible for the good looks, please check this link Breeder

I like to have fun with good looking bitches, but being a studdog is not easy, that strange looking two legged owner of me is making the appointments.

Thornmill Knight:

Hips: A2

MPP – PHTVL/PHPV – Cataract – RD – CEA – PRA free / CLEAR

See also Details of Eyes- DNA


My owner is active in the gundog club Will to Please.

During hunting season we are available for picking up, but again you’ll have to contact my owner, Raymond Cornielje, for availability.



Thornmill Rowan Rascal 

Hips 0/0

Ellbows 0/0

Eyes clear

Totally free of everything